Growing up in New Zealand, I was surrounded by rolling fields, dotted with sheep, and untouched beaches, edged with steady waves. We would spend summers boating around the islands and winters ski racing in the mountains. It cemented in me the importance of getting outside in nature and finding quiet places to let my imagination run wild.

MINCA is an expression of all that I love about New Zealand and this beautiful planet I’ve been so lucky to experience firsthand—like the patterns and colours of Colombia, the cozy winter vibes of Whistler and the sailboat sunsets of Panama. Everything I design and create shares the stories of the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, and the way I’ve felt in those moments.

Because of this, nature has played a huge role in MINCA’s development, and is at the core of almost everything we do—from natural fibres to ethical sourcing.

Not only does nature bring hope and joy to people, it enriches, soothes, uplifts, restores and calms the mind and body—and for that we are forever grateful. Today I’m taking the time to celebrate and appreciate our earth, and reflect on the benefits its had on my life—and I hope you will too.

From me to you, Happy Earth Day! —Brooke xo