Everything I design starts with an experience I want to create, inspired by a place I’ve travelled to. I think about how the blanket will be used, where you will take it—and then I explore fabrics that will hold up to those activities while feeling beautiful and special. I create a mood board of images and hand-draw designs, and from there I start creating patterns, textures and yarn dye stripes to bring my vision to life. 

I test all my products myself—I use them around my house and bring them on adventures. I make tweaks and adjustments to the design from there, ensuring that each piece brings together my minimalist, bohemian vibe with a utilitarian function. 

Design and quality are the two most important things to me—my goal is to create special experiences so that my customers feel connected to and inspired by. For me, the packaging for my blankets was just as important as the design of the blanket. The box, hangtags, labels, and the tote bag, are all part of the experience I want to create—of welcoming something special into your life. The box is designed to keep—it’s perfect for organizing closets and storing scarves or sweaters in the summer. Bring your tote bag to the grocery story or pack a bottle of wine along with your blanket and head to the beach to watch the sunset. 

I grew up wearing merino, so I knew how the natural fibres felt and performed. I added cotton and linen to the collection for their absorbance and quick dry properties. I started with the blankets I already love and redesigned them to suit my lifestyle and my aesthetic. I wanted to create an original pattern, so I partnered with my friend, fellow designer Vince Chan, to create the first one for the Kokomo Tapestry. My background is in graphic design, and I am passionate about branding and packaging. That’s an essential part of the MINCA experience—when you open up your box, it feels really special. 

–– Brooke, MINCA Founder