A New Zealand native, Brooke Wells has always been well versed in the magical qualities of Merino wool. Growing up as a ski racer and an avid boatie, she experienced the beauty and functionality of the fibre firsthand, where it was used primarily in the manufacturing of the breathable, odour-zapping base layers, she wore while up on the ski hill or out on the water with her family. Now, after over a decade of working with design teams in North America, Brooke is channeling her upbringing and adoration for design into transforming the humble blanket.

MINCA’s journey began with a mission to create a blanket that had the same softness and cachet as cashmere but with the strength, versatility and technicality that would allow it to go the distance—both literally and figuratively. Enter Merino wool: our signature fibre, and for good reason. Known as one of the finest materials on the planet, Merino wool is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, temperature-regulating, and stain- and odor-resistant. With all of its amazing attributes, our innovative Merino wool blankets make the perfect companions, ones that are promised to stand the test of time.

Designed in Vancouver, BC and named after a small mountaintop town in Colombia, MINCA embodies the beauty of Vancouver; a juxtaposition of urban cityscapes and sea to sky scenery. A true representation of the west coast, our functional blankets and tapestries act as the centrepiece to any occasion—from camping under the stars and sunbathing at the beach to watching winter’s snowfall and binging Netflix all day long. MINCA blankets elevate life’s most ordinary and extraordinary moments, while inviting you to live in the present, wherever you are.

Made from Nature | The textile industry often overlooks Mother Nature’s materials in favour of cheap, synthetic fibres, but not us. Your health and well-being matter and we believe the earth should feel just as comfortable as you will. That’s why our Merino wool is sustainably sourced from Australia and our blankets and tapestries are always made ethically from all-natural, renewable and biodegradable yarns and materials. 

Functional Design | Made with nature’s highest-performing natural fibres, our modern designs give utilitarian function and unrivalled versatility, without sacrificing style or next-to-skin softness. Chosen for their technical attributes—like being hypoallergenic and breathable—Merino wool, cotton and linen are the foundational materials of our durable, easy-to-care-for blankets and tapestries.

Inspired By Experience | Everything we design has been inspired by the places we’ve travelled to and the ones we hope to someday.  Our goal is to elevate any moment that our customers feel connected to—whether they’re exploring the west coast or curling up at home with a good book. Everything from our blankets and tapestries to our packaging and tote bags, they’re all a part of an experience we want to create; an experience of welcoming something special into your life.